We use Blum inserta hinges on all doors where a concealed hinge is required. All Blum inserta hinges are cam adjustable so there are no screws to come lose. Blum hinges have a lifetime warranty.


Drawer runners and drawer systems

We use Blum drawers and runners. We use two types of drawer systems: Blum Metabox and Blum Tandembox. Metabox is a standard metal-sided drawer for economical solutions. Tandembox is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of drawer systems and once demonstrated you will see why. The drawers are soft-closing and feature integrated ‘Blumotion’ fittings. Tandembox drawers come in a variety of sizes and can be white, grey or stainless steel. A selection of accessories is available to compliment the Tandembox range. A life time warranty also applies to Blum drawers.

We use Blum because in our opinion their hinging and drawer systems are the best in the world.



There is a wide-range of options when it comes to cabinet accessories. These include pull-out pantries, moving corners, carousels, baskets and other storage solutions. The choice is yours! We will happily guide you in selecting products that fulfill your needs (and budget). It is worthy to note that prices can vary significantly depending on the quality and the supplier.


Kitchen features such as coloured glass (used for splash-backs), lighting and cornice/top-caps can also be included in the overall design.


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